Indoor games

Hello out there!  
Well, these sure are some stressful times.  "Normal" has been blasted into the atmosphere, and we're all living in this strange new world, at least for a little while.  It's stressful, huh?  I'm feeling it too :(. I hope you and your family are doing well during these chalenging days. It's important to stay heathy and positive. One way to achieve that its to engage in physical activites and family games. And also have you put any routines into place? Kids NEED that routine.  
I wil be posting links, games and ideas how to stay heathy, active and less stressful in coming "Normal days".
Stay heathy Stay possitive
Mr. Kepic
Daily routine example and indoor games idea link
  • Daily Routine (example)
          Morning and early afternoon
      • brushed teeth, washed face, fixed hair
      • fully dressed 
      • cat /  dog chores
      • clean up time
      • hug parents
      • morning walk
      • read for 45 minutes
      • academic time
      • lunch
      • chore time
      • quite time
      • afternoon academic time
      For the rest of day....
      • Rain or shine,  outside to play for a full hour.
      •  family activity time 
      • Family screen time 
      • more reading
      • kids time
      • bed time