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About me

My name is Jan Kepic and I have been teaching at Horace Mann last of 22  years. I am looking forward to see your kid or kids in my classroom. I teach grades 1-8. My students are learning a variety of sports and physical activities (basketball,volleyball,soccer,handball,badminton and more). I have been teaching grades from 1-8 This year we are back to classroom.
During this year children will be doing a variety of exercise focused on physical fitness .My expectations for students are to be prepare to engage in physical activity,dress properly,participate in physical activities at high level and safely.Please, visit my google classroom and school web page for more information. If you have any questions  feel free to contact me at [email protected] 


Physical education rules and expectation



Physical education  rules and expectation.......

Always play and participate in safety way..Safety first

Listen carefully and follow directions

Always come prepare for class( proper attire;sneakers and sweatpants/shorts and water bottle.

Respect yourself and respect others

Try your best Everyday!!!!!

Be active and participate in high level

Take care of equipment all time




Physical Education 2023-2024

Hello everyone

Welcome back for the school year 2023-2024WE are back to Phys.ed /gym class.In this year we will be focusing on fitness and game skills.Yes we do a lot exercises and a variety of sports! ( soccer, handball, floor hockey, basketball, badminton, volleyball and more .But most importantly WE HAVE FUN !!!!!!.

Looking forward to see you in Phys.ed(gym) class.!!!!

You can always contact me at ;[email protected]

Thank you Mr.Kepic