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Environmental Club

Welcome to the webpage for Horace Mann School Environmental Club!

Moderator:   Mrs. Fiallos

  • What is the purpose of the Environmental Club?
    • The purpose of the Environmental Club is to increase awareness within Horace Mann School and its surrounding community with regard to environment issues through fun activities such as recycling  and other sustainable actions. Additionally educate students and others about the importance of taking care of our planet earth so we can live in an eco-friendlier style.
  • When does Environmental Club meet?
    •   Organizational Meeting - September date TBA
    •   Monthly Dates will be determined then
  • What are some past activities?

    • Collecting recycle  items such as plastic spoons to create wall decoration.
    • Recycling paper and notebooks.
    • Recycling old crayons
    • Make and hang plastic bird feeders