WELCOME to Mr. Pineda's 6th grade Science/ World History Rm. 211

Parents, Guardians and students I hope everyone has been safe and healthy during their summer vacation. It has been a extremely difficult 15 months for us all and I am happy to be able to have everyone back in person. The district has been diligently working on making the return for the students as safe as possible but, we need your help as well. As per the state mandate students are to be wearing masks in school. Please send children with hand sanitizer that they may use as needed. Also if possible children should be bringing water with them as an alternative to using the water fountains. Uniforms will be mandatory this school year as per the district. I have included on my web-page some important documents for your viewing updated supply list, NB policies, and Horace Mann reopening plan. One change that has been made by the administration for COVID precautions is the lunch periods. Six graders will not be going for outdoors lunch they will be staying in to eat in the cafeteria and then will be given time outside for recess for the second part of their lunch. I hope  together we can make your children's transition to the sixth grade as smooth as possible. I know there will be some bumps on the road but, our open communication will be very important to the success of your children.  At the bottom of this page I have written my email so that any parent, guardian, student can contact me. 
Extra Help Day: Tuesday 3:00-3:30pm 
Email address: apineda@northbergen.k12.nj.us