Important Notice For All In-Person Students Who Need A Chromebook

All students who will be physically in school starting April 26th must have a school issued Chromebook.  If your child still needs a school issued Chromebook, please follow the directions below for pickup:
  • Pickup Location:  North Bergen High School
  • Pickup Hours:   
    • Wednesday April 21 10 AM - 2 PM
    • Thursday April 22     10 AM - 2 PM  and  4 PM  to 7 PM 
    • Friday April 23          10 AM - 2 PM


  • Parents must bring proper ID, proof of residence, and the student's ID number to pick up a device
  • Chromebooks can only be picked up by a Parent/Guardian

Please be aware that students cannot bring in their own personal devices to school for in-person education. 

They must have a school issued chromebook.