Please click here to view the full message regarding September 2020 virtual school opening

Message from Principal Tennaro & Vice Principal Alonso:


Welcome to the 2020 - 2021 school year.  As our Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Solter has indicated in his recent video posted on the district website, that during the month of September there will be remote education as we experienced from March 13 to the end of the last school year.  As a parent you can obtain your child’s homeroom assignment and homeroom teacher for the 2020 - 2021 school year.  That information can be obtained by going to the parent portal which has this the information. 


When you need  to come into the school, we will be following the CDC guidelines. Therefore, the procedure we need to follow for you or any visitor to have access to Horace Mann is as follows:


Procedures for Parents/Guardians & Visitors

  • All parents/guardians and visitors will arrive only at the main entrance doors on 83rd street and will have their temperature taken upon arrival.  
  • They are  required to wear face masks, signing a contact tracing form indicating date, time, their name, address, contact phone number and purpose of the visit.  If the visitor does not have a personal pen, it will be provided and sanitized by the user after use by the available sanitizer product.
  • There will be an clerical aide sitting by the main entrance door of the building at the bottom of the inside staircase.
  • That clerical aide  will: 
    • Collect lunches, instruments and any other items parents need to drop off, and bring the item to the office for a clerk or aide to deliver to the classroom.  
    • Answer general questions in order to eliminate unnecessary visitors to the office. 
    • If the visitor has a need to go to the main office, the individual will be greeted by a security guard at the security desk for a temperature check. The visitor will complete the contact tracing form indicating their name, telephone number and purpose for the visit.  Once cleared by the security guard, the visitor will proceed to the main office.  The clerk, wearing gloves, will photocopy the I.D. and return it to the visitor.  In turn, the clerk will assist the parent/guardian or visitor with their request.
  • If a visitor refuses to wear a face mask, for non-medical reasons, and if such a covering cannot be provided to the individual at the point of school entry the visitor’s entry may be denied.  If a visitor refuses to wear a mask due to stated medical reasons the principal/vice principal will be called to assist with the reason for the visit.