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Friday, February 1st:  Gripe - To complain.

Monday, February 4th:  Bestow - To give as a gift.

Tuesday, February 5th:  Wrath - Intense anger.

Wednesday, February 6th:  Gait - A person’s manner of walking or                      movement.

Thursday, February 7th:  Din - A loud, unpleasant and prolonged noise.

Friday, February 8th:  Perpetuate - Causing to continue; to prevail.

Monday, February 11th:  Transitory - Lasting a very short time.

Tuesday, February 12th:  Arbitrary - Based on or subject to individual discretion or preference.

Wednesday, February 13th:  Benevolent - Showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding.

Thursday, February 14th:  Apprise - To inform or tell someone.

Tuesday, February 19th:  Meticulous - Showing great attention to detail; very careful or precise.

Wednesday, February 20th:  Ambiguous - Unclear; being open to more than one interpretation.

Thursday, February 21st:  Rapt - Completely fascinated by what one is seeing or hearing.

Friday, February 22nd:  Abate - To become less strong; decrease in intensity.

Monday, February 25th:  Meticulous - Showing great attention to detail; very careful and precise.

Tuesday, February 26th:  Enigma - Difficult to understand; puzzling.

Wednesday, February 27th:  Edify - To instruct, enlighten, or to inform.

Thursday, February 28th:  Attainment - A successful result brought about by hard work.