Hello, my name is Andres Nunez and I am entering my 5th year of teaching Spanish, my second year, here in the North Bergen School District.  I was born in Quito, Ecuador but raised most of my life in the U.S. specifically in New Jersey. I grew up in North Bergen for most of life, graduating both from Franklin School and North Bergen High School. I have completed my Bachelor's degree in Spanish and Education and my Master's degree in School Counseling from Saint Peter's University.  My goal is to help my student's gain an understanding of the Spanish Language and learn about the various cultures that exist through Latin-america.
In my classroom we will be relying a lot on Google Classroom for our assignments and communication. Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom and students are responsible to complete the work given. Each marking period student's will be completing a classroom project based on the theme or unit that we have been learning.  Parent involvement in the classroom is very important, so I encourage parents to review our World Language Curriculum on our district homepage, and stay in contact with me. Please feel free to reach me any time by emailing me at anunez@northbergen.k12.us.nj or sending a note with your child. 
I look forward to working with you and your children and expect to have an exciting and successful school year.
To make things a little easier for students and parents, I have made one google classroom for all 1st graders and one for all my 2nd graders. I have sent invites to all students but just in case codes are below.
Google Classroom Class Codes:
1st Grade:
For all 1st grade classes: ozma6r4
2nd Grade:
For all 2nd grade classes: 6t2cvbu
3rd Grade:
3-3 Doukali (room 203)- r2mynix
3-6 Tomasino (room B7)- gcsr5ga
4th Grade:
4-5 Diaz (room 205)- zkfsemp
5th Grade:
5-3 Holbrook (room 213)- teuzzxi
5-1 Billings (room 201)- pv6upza
6th Grade:
6-5 Ali (room 304)- 3i7jzf
6-2 Awadallah (room 307)- uaglfnq
7th Grade:
7-5 Aguiar (room 309)- gdxgkxx
7-3 Cala (room 310)- dgvh7zn
8th Grade:
8-2 Donahue (room 302)- xtlqgbf
8-5 Garcia (room 314)- d3w7aer
All work can be done on google classroom with no need to print, if printing is not an option.
Work attachments below for 1st grade and for 2nd grade classes: