Home Instruction

March 27, 2020

Hello Families, 

Thank you for your commitment to your child's learning. Remote Learning has been a challenge for all of us and I am so grateful that Team Diaz families have been incredibly understanding and communicative. I will continue  taking attendance in my Google Classroom by just having the students comment here or present at 9am. In addition to this, students must complete and submit a daily Google Form on our Horace Mann webpage under Parents Tab between 8:30am-8:55am. A video giving students/parents step by step instructions can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jMX0VsgsQKpAOadT3ayRLbxqe2K7vJZl/view I find it important to note that teachers have been instructed to notify our Principal and Guidance Counselor when a child is non-responsive after 3 days. If a student is absent, please complete the Student Absent Form found on the Horace Mann website under Parents Tab. 

Listed Below is our virtual learning school day. You will notice the school day ends at 1:10pm. Ms. Starrett, Mrs. Najarian, and I will be available to meet or talk to students until 3:00pm. My morning message will be a Google Classroom announcement saying Good Morning and discuss the daily assignments. In addition, I will be posting a short video to start the day. 

In Depth Schedule

9:25-10:15 At 9:25 students will be able to access my ELA lesson recording and will be directed to do a Flipgrid video response to that dayś lesson. They will also be given a writing assignment through Google Docs. They may type their writing assignment, watch the lesson, and film their Flipgrid response until the period ends at 10:15. If a student did not turn in their assignment they must attempt to finish it later that day. 

10:15-11:05 At 10:15 students will be able to access my Math Lesson recording and will be directed to do a Pearson Realize Math assignment. They may complete the assignment and watch the lesson until the period ends at 11:05. If a student did not turn in their assignment they must attempt to finish it later that day. 

11:05-11:30 Break - Lunch

11:30-12:45 Students will be assigned MobyMax assignments in both ELA and Math. There will be some days that students are requested to work with a teacher such as Ms. Starrett, Mrs. Najarian, Ms. Brescher, or even myself. During these days they will not be instructed to do the MobyMax assignments, but instead join a small group that is meeting with a staff member. 

12:45-1:10 Students need to go to their Specials’ Google Classroom and submit their assignment. 

Monday- Computers with Mr. Arango Google Classroom: 5fbnkjn

Tuesday-  Physical Education with Mr . Kepic: Google Classroom:  djfa42c

Wednesday: Music with Ms. Galan  Google Classroom: x6bdvfi

Thursday: Spanish with Mr. Nunez Google Classroom: zkfsemp

Friday: Art with  Ms. Chu Google Classroom:  c2brxyh

Remote Learning

Message posted Monday, March 16th

Dear Team Diaz Families,
 I understand that many of you may still be working during this difficult time. Please let me know if I can help in any way. I am available on google classroom from 9am-3pm to answer any of the kids questions or concerns. Also, feel free to email me kdiaz@northbergen.k12.nj.us if you have any questions or concerns. 
Below you will find our school schedule with some suggestions on what to do during that time at home. If you print our schedule the students know what to do. We try to be very punctual in our classroom. They must complete the three packets that can be found on at the end of this post and on my google classroom.
9:00-9:40- DEAR time (drop everything and read)
-Continue Reading Hidden Figures Library Book, we stopped at page 137
-Login to Moby Max and do Reading Stories
Free Virtual Reading resources: 
9:40-10:20- Specials 
Monday - Technology 
Wednesday -Music
Thursday -World language/spanish 
Friday -ART
10:20-11:00 Work on Math Packet at your own pace
11:00-11:40 Centers (math activities)
Make Index cards of your multiples and factors up to 100. 
Log into Moby Max through clever. 
11:40-12:20 LUNCH ! If you need free lunch please go to the high school.
12:20-1:40  RWLIT
-Work on ELA Packet
-Work on Book Review
1:40-2:20 Centers (reading activities)
Read Scholastic, Write in Journal, do genius time. 
2:20-3:00 Science (complete science packet)
I suggest having the students do MobyMax Fact Fluency 15 minutes a day as well as Reading Stories 15 minutes a day. They also have assignments in MobyMax that they should finish. 
Please stay safe everyone! I hope to see you all soon!
Best Wishes,
Ms. Diaz

1. go to https://www.northbergen.k12.nj.us/

2. click on QUICK LINKS on the right side.

3. Click on Clever SSO

4. It will take you to the Clever website. Then Log in with Google

5. Your google log in is the same as your google classroom.
(log in studentid@northbergen.k12.nj.us Password: NBsd_ _ _ _ )

6. YOU ARE IN! :)