WELCOME TO MR. PACHECO's 7th Grade Math Class

Greetings.  I am Mr. Pacheco, 7th Grade Math Teacher at Horace Mann School in North Bergen.  

HELLO STUDENTS --   I would like to welcome you to my class.  I want to make this year the BEST it possibly can be for you and for me.  That means making learning meaningful and fun.  If you are already an outstanding math student then I will help you reach your maximum potential.  If you have previously struggled in any way, we will find new ways to learn and understand together, both prior knowledge and new teachings. 


NOTE TO PARENTS & GUARDIANS: I will do everything I can to make this school year both enjoyable and productive for your child. Please do everything you can by staying informed on student portal, asking your child about their school experiences, looking over work that is sent home, and making sure that they come to school prepared to learn.


The most important thing is that they come to school understanding that what is being taught is important and that they should give their very best effort.


I also want to let you know that I give EXTRA help on Tuesdays @ 3PM and Wednesday mornings at 8AM, in my classroom.


Please email me with any questions, concerns, or requests that you may have. I am looking forward to a great year with your child.



Sincerely,  Mr. Pacheco


NOTEBOOKS should be either binder of loose-leaf.  
Please do not use composition books.
Thanks... I look forward to meeting you.